Alex & Me

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Excerpt from the artist's blog:

"Alex & Me - What’s it about?

A lot of people have asked me this question.  Let me say from the start that Alex & Me could be considered as two books in one. The first a simple story, the second a much more complex proposition after Francesca Seravalle and Alex’s interventions.

I understand very well the appeal of the well-rounded artist book, and on one level, Alex & Me meets this artistic challenge. But because this is a very personal book and an evolving story it is messy at times and it’s meaning to me, and my feelings toward it, are ever changing and evolving. So sometimes for these reasons I find this a difficult question to answer. It’s like this.

In the beginning it was easier. I worked with the notion of Alex & Me being a tribute and a gift to a strong and inspirational woman.  A woman who would help me grow. A book about change.

Then things would become more difficult. If Alex would encourage me then Francesca Seravalle, my new curator, would challenge and provoke. She would force me to question everything about this story, it’s reconstruction, and it’s legacy. She’s the second strong and inspirational woman in this story.

And then of course, unexpectedly, my gift to Alex was unwelcome.

So in the end Alex & Me has become, for me, many things all at once…

For today as I write,

It’s a simple story, and then again a complex one.

A love story, and then a broken love story.

A gift, and then an unwelcome gift.

A catalyst for change.

And then,

An artistic struggle.

A fight to understand myself.

A dilemma.

An unfinished story.

A human story.

A tribute and a gift to strong and inspirational women everywhere.

Bitter-sweet. Painful …

Now however, Alex & Me is no longer just my story, it’s for others to see and react in their own way. People have started to express what they feel. One woman told me about how it rekindled memories of her own similar experience about the time I was making my journey with Alex. She told me that for her it had some echoes of Sophie Calle’s No Sex Last Night. She could understand my story. To hear her story, her feeling, and that of others is very satisfying."

The book includes a print and a text on a free page inserted in a numbered enveloppe.

96 pages - Softcover, closed by a rubber band

Danilo Montanari Editore, 2016

Format : 16.5 x 23 cm

New - Mint condition

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