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Excerpt from the text in postface :

"« Photographer Andrew Miksys, a seasoned traveler, ventures into the spring of Belarus with the eye of a magician.

He knows the local terrain well: the distant officialdom and intimate circles, public and private, open and secret, cynical and welcoming, recorded and discarded, winter and summer, the risky future and the scarcity of hope. In search of the space in between, he builds his itinerary as a conceptual trick, following the ideological formulas in expectation of finding the human landscape.

Thus, his photographs are not so much a record of Belarus in bloom — an archive of an official jubilation — but a diorama of the solitude of the celebration. Elegiac in color, this marvelous exposé registers Belarus in disjunction.

In his photographs of national holidays, however, Miksys enters not only the fractured nature of Belarus or its inherently split personality, but also the twofold reality of the country. »

      --  Laimonas Breidis, author of Vilnius City of Strangers "

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164 pages - Hardcover

ARÖK Books, 2016

Format 23 x 28 cm


New - Mint condition

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