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Maki is a French photographer and publisher with a strong relationship to Japaan and Tokyo, where he carries a long term project since the early 2000s that he calls an "infinite work in progress".

As a publisher with "Média Immédiat", he published small photobooks with works by Morten Andersen, Koji Onaka or Ed Templeton.

As a photographer, he published among others Gûyu - Allegory (Timeshow Press, 2016) and Japan Somewhere (Zen Foto Gallery, 2018).

© Self-portrait by Maki

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    .Signed copies back in stock. Presentation by Zen Foto Gallery : "This latest publication by French photographer Maki includes images taken between 2001 and 2015 during many visits to Japan. The high-contrast black-and-white photos, from streetsnaps to portraits, landscapes and the occasional erotic image, paint a manifold picture of Maki’s extensive...

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    Publisher's presentation: "寓喩 « Gûyu » in Japanese, means « allegory ». For Maki, the figure of speech is a photographic category. At the core of his photography practice, lies the question of re-presentation, of the relationship to space... The involvement of known elements in new sets - or the opposite. During his travels in Japan of the past 15 years,...

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