List of photobooks by photographer Hallard, Emilie

Emilie Hallard is a French self-taught photgrapher, and publisher, based in Barcelona.

Her work is a both intimate and radical or activist approach to the position of the minorities in our societies, especially in relation to the body and the sexual and gender identities.

On her website, Emilie indicates: « [I am] interested in feminism, vulnerability, gender fluidity and issues, sexuality, body positivity and representation ».

Emilie is also a publisher via Maria Inc.

She published her work in November of 2019 via Maria Inc., in the book « Les Corps Incorruptibles » (« The Incorruptible Bodies »), a series of portraits and texts confronting the issues around the body at the heard of her reflections and her work.

© Portrait taken from Emilie's Twitter profile

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  • Presentation by Maria Inc.: " It's 2019 and our bodies are still political. The 21st century still drags on with the same beauty standards of the last century. Those of a young, white, thin, ethereal and heterosexual woman. Beauty, or rather a   woman's first commercial asset; is a passport to a happy marriage, professional success and social recognition....

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