List of photobooks by Clavarino, Federico

Federico Clavarino is an Italian photographer based in Spain and Portugal.

Among the more recent books published: "Italia o Italia" (Akina Books, 2014), "The Castle" (Dalpine, 2016) and "La Vertigine" (Witty Kiwi, 2018).

© Portrait by Rubén H. Bermúdez taken from an article on Clavoardiendo Magazine

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  • Presentation by Witty Kiwi: "We could define a vertiginous instant, that moment in which the illusion of a linear time is suspended in an arrest that, far from being decisive, is rather an indecisive hesitant, a tension unbearable, like that of those who are paralyzed and at the same time attracted to emptiness..."48 pages - Softcover w/ DJ Witty Kiwi,...

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  • .Sold out.Publisher's presentation : "Something more than just a group of nations or the designation of a geographical area, Europe can be understood as an idea, or a set of ideas. The idea of Europe shapes and fuels the history of a considerable part of our planet, starting from ancient Greece and the Roman Empire on to the great colonial powers of the...

  • Publisher's presentation: "Mysterious and austere, Italia O Italia metaphysical cities hide the enigma of a timeless place between sunburst dead-ends and shadowy arcades; the disquieting muses of Federico Clavarino shape an Italy of the mind, made of dark symbols in sunlit piazzas.A kind of stillness permeates every photograph of this book, transforming...

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