List of photobooks by photographer Gaumy, Jean

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  • .In stock.Publisher's presentation: "The photographs presented are part of a project that began in 2003. They constitute the prologue to a project of photographic reconnaissance performed by Jean Gaumy, who travelled to the Arctic Circle to lands contaminated by Chernobyl, while also frequently returning to the high plains of the Occitan Piedmont...

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  • .Copy sold.Pleine mer, the French original version of the Harry N. Abrams reprint of 2002 translated as Men at Sea, is a really beautiful series made on fishing boats by Jean Gaumy (from Magnum Photos). A beautiful production by Edition de La Martinière, that usually specializes in more "mainstream" books.This book is listed in "The Photobook: A History...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items