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Pino Musi is an Italian photographer, based in Paris. A self-taught photographer, his practice uses only black and white.

Pino's work is mainly centered around architecture and urbanism. He published in 1997 "Mario Botta seen by Pino Musi" (Daco Verlag, 1997).

Since then, he has published many books, including self-published ones, and among them "Libro" (Biblioteca Civica, 2002), "Roma Antiqua" (FMR Edizioni, 2010), "_08:08 Operating Theatre" (Self-published, 2013), "ACRE" (Editions Gwinzegal, 2017) and "Border Soundscapes" (Artphilein Editions, 2019).

© Portrait taken from the artist's Facebook profile (uncredited)

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  • Presentation by Artphilein Editions: " « Ce ne sont pas les ressemblances, mais les différences, qui se ressemblent. »       --    Claude Lévi-Strauss, Le Totémisme aujourd’hui, 1962« Photography and drawing, architecture and sound, diagram and world: all of these differences serve to hold the images suspended on the threshold of uncertainty between true...

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    Publisher's presentation: "In April 2016, when Pino Musi embarked upon a photographic series in Côtes-d’Armor, that geographical area was a terra incognita for him. At the invitation of the GwinZegal Art Centre in Guingamp, which was involved in the promotion of photography in that predominantly rural area, the Paris-based Italian photographer would, for...

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  • _08: 08 Operating Theater contains 7 images; 7 operating rooms photographed with a view camera, in one take, exactly 5 minutes after the end of an operation ...The author exploited the English term for an "operating theater", a terminology inherited from the first universities of medical education where the surgeons operated in amphitheatres.And it is...

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