List of photobooks by photographer Izu, Kenro

Kenro Izu is a Japanese photographer based in the United States, he is also the founder of the children's charity "Friends Without a Border".

His personal photography work is mainly dedicated to ancient monuments, in particular in contexts where they are in peril. He has worked on this theme in Egypt, Syria, Mexico, Chile (Easter Island), China and all of South-East Asia.

Among the photobooks he has published: "Sacred Places" (Arena, 2001), "Bhutan Sacred Within" (Nazraeli Press, 2007), "Songs of Lao" (Nazraeli Press, 2016), "Seduction" (Damiani, 2018), "Requiem" (Nazraeli Press, 2019) and "Fuzhou, the Forgotten Land" (Nazraeli Press, 2021).

© Portrait by Yumiko Izu, Kenro Izu's wife, taken from the English Wikipedia page for the artist

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  • Presentation by Nazraeli Press: " «  I first met Mr. Ma in November 2016. Fifteen years prior, he had learned that a part of his beloved hometown of Fuzhou in Jiangxi Province would soon be immersed beneath the rising water of a newly built dam. Ming and Qing dynasty-era stone mansions and the thousand-year-old trees surrounding them would be submerged...

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