List of photobooks by photographer Seurot, Nicolas

Nicolas Seurot is a French photographer.

After studying in art school, and a career as art director in advertisement, he changed paths and became a photographer.

He has published several photobooks: "Westland" (atteret, 2020) created while traveling the American West, "Les confinés" (atteret, 2021), where he photographed his friends in their homes during the lockdown of the spring 2020, and "Le bassin romantique" (self-published, 2021), a series about the « bassin d'Arcachon » area near Bordeaux, France, with a technique that creates images that looks likes paintings, another passion of the artist.

© Portrait taken from the artist's website

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  • .Sold out. Le Bassin Romantique, first photobook of Nicolas Seurot's project Visions passéistes [Old-fashioned visions], is a series of images created around the Bassin d'Arcachon (or Arcachon Bay), between Bordeaux and the Atlantic Ocean, in southwest France. Nicolas Seurot, a connoisseur of the art of painting, and a dilettante painter himself,...

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