List of photobooks by Fujimoto, Tomoya

Tomoya Fujimoto is a French photographer, he studied et the Beaux-Arts School in Bordeaux, France.

His first photobook"Rien que la mer" is a self-published project, a series of photographs of the surface of the sea in Lanzarote, a radical and virtually monochrome work on texture, on matter, but also on exhiliration and losing oneself in the images, in the waters, that carry us away.

© Portrait taken from a series of portraits by Anne-Lou Buzot

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  • Introduction from the photobook, by the artist:         [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal] " « Free man you will alway cherish the sea » Baudelaire, surprisingly, writes these words, when modernity tumbles into unbridled industrialization, pandemic pollution, exponential over-exploitation of the oceans, that are certainly at the origins of life and a part...

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