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Rohan Thapa graduated in political science, works as a photographer in Kathmandu, Nepal and Valencia, Spain. His photographic works focus on the nature of social and political identities that makes up our societies, with a strong emphasis on the natural environment.

Rohan Thapa regularly self-publishes short print-run photobooks. Among the more recent ones are Sutra (2017) and Moksha (2018).

© Image taken from a video on the artist's website

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  • Presentation by Rohan Thapa: "Sutra means « string / thread » in Sanskrit. Using photography as a ritual, the book braids a connection between various works to create an aphorism on human nature and the void. SUNYA          the space in nature.EU.PNEA       air pollution by a multinational corporationIN VISIBLE   portraits regarding visual dependencyPULSE...

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    Presentation by Rohan Thapa: "Moksha is rooted to the word Muc in Sanskrit meaning « to set free ». It is a philosophical concept, which refers to emancipation, release, liberation or freedom. A more epistemological understanding den­otes to a consciousness of self.Moksha is a detachment from linear narration; it is a fractal reading into the inner chaos...

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