List of photobooks by photographer Hornstra, Rob

Rob Hornstra is a Dutch photographer working manly on projects with a social edge. He is best known for leading a long-term project with scholar & writer Arnold van Bruggen about the preparation of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games in Russia for which they released a large number of publications, including an imposing monography titled The Sochi Project (Aperture, 2013) at the end of their work process.

Rob Hornstra has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the photobook and he is often self-publishing his work. He leads workshops on a regular basis on conducting photography projects and developing photobook projects.

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  • .Three additional signed copies available. Presentation of the photobook by Rob Hornstra: "Man Next Door examines the stigmatisation of the working class while offering a rare insight into the life of a working-class Utrecht boy. What emerges is a bewildering picture of Kid’s many personalities, inevitably raising the question: how well do you know the...

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