List of photobooks by Leblond, Antoine

Antoine Leblond is a young photographer with a strong focus on Japan in his work.

Personal website displaying his photographic work :

Antoine has lived extended period of time in Japan, and knows the country quite well. He developed a keen interest for railways and trains, which he feels are much more than a mode of transportation in Japan, but a part of the pride and the culture of the people.

Antoine is not a professional photographer but he has documented his travels with a camera, and certainly has a good eye for interesting places and for framing his subjects. He self-published his first book "ressha ga kimasu" in 2015 (200 copies).

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  • Title in Japanese :  列車がきます Presentation by Antoine Leblond : "After several years photographing Japan, my initial admiration - a generic one - transformed into a specific interest for the rail roads. High-speed trains (shinkansen), express (tokkyu), semi-express (juntokkyu), local lines (futsu), private lines (shitetsu), metro lines, etc. The rail...

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