Nunc Stans

    Presentation by the artist on the publisher's website:

    "For the last five years I’ve been photographing the Sainte-Victoire mountains and its surroundings. I tried to explore the possibilities of the photographic technique to capture or seize the unpresentable; working on a pattern that precisely has been repeatedly addressed in the history of art. What remains invisible when you have seen everything? What can you represent that has not already been given to see? These questions determined my approach.

    And thus Cezanne has been a guide to learn, facing the mountain, not to see. It seems to me that photography has to deal with the exhaustion of the subject(s) that characterize the contemporary world. Facing the globalization of remakes, I tried, through a local approach of appropriating optics, to embody it, to live it photographically.

        --   Andrea Graziosi  "

    Text in French only.

    80 pages - Softcover

    André Frère Editions, 2015

    New - Mint condition

    25,00 €


    Graziosi, Andrea

    André Frère Éditions

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