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Presentation on the project's website :

"Atlantus is a transoceanic photography project between Marlin Toft and Gareth Syvret at « Archisle: the Jersey Contemporary Photography Programme », hosted by the « Societe Jersiaise Photographic Archive » on the Island of Jersey. Prompted in part by the 350th anniversary in 2014 of Sir George Carteret naming of the State of New Jersey, USA after Jersey his island home in 1664, the project asks how two places that share a name on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean perceive each other within archives and cultural memory? In live stories responding through image and text to the people, politics, landscapes, industries and identities of these places the Atlantus Project connects memories, archives and imagined lands on opposite side of the Atlantic World. Atlantus is a transoceanic story in which estranged lands of incomparable scale come together in poetic gestures that ask: what's in a name? "

This projected is conducted by Martin Toft (photographs) and Gareth Syvret (texts); it is self-published, with the collaboration of "Archisle: the Jersey Contemporary Photography Programme".

Designr "Kummer & Herrman", printed on newsprint paper, in 5 separate booklets :
 - Atlantus
 - The Atlantic World
 - Precious Galinthia
 - Portraits
 - The Transoceanic Journey

This project is exhibited in several places this year (for instance at "Unseen" in Amsterdam in September 2015); this can be made by (re)composing murals with the double-pages from the booklets themselves (see photos).

80 pages (5 booklets of 16 pages each) - Newsprint

Self-published, 2015

New - Mint condition

15,00 €

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