As Dust Alights - 2nd edition (*signed*)

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    As Dust Alights
    is the book of a photographer that takes the time to look at things, that uses his eyes in a very special way. Vincent Delbrouck offers a very calm and peaceful account of what his eyes saw on a trip into the Himalayas; they saw forms, colors, textures, contrasts, they saw the beautiful in the insignificant...

    The body and the sequence of images remains quite mysterious; yet the artist seems to be following a path, either spiritual or romantic, or is it simply a journey, a hiker's adventure on the trails ? In the end, we do not know really what has changed from the beginning, this book will not reveal its secret easily - if there's one - and in a way invites us to come back to it. Often.

    The book includes two inserted prints and three inserted texts by the artist.

    We are offering here signed copies of the second edition, with a different cover from the first edition (the first being sold out, except for the Limited Edition - see "Suggestions" tab).

    56 pages - Softcover

    Self-published (2nd edition), 2014 (300 copies)


    New - Mint condition


    Delbrouck, Vincent


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