Rome (imperfect)

Rome (imperfect)

    Anders Petersen likes to travel, and he likes cities, which is obvious simply by looking at his bibliography.

    With Rome, in his trademark style of photography and narration, Petersen displays the city not through the old buildings and busy daily life, but though portraits of passerbys, market stalls, various animals, and apartment interiors, beds, bodies, and skin...

    The images in this book are from 3 trips the artist made to Rome in 1984, 2005 and 2012.
    A beautiful series, a very simple layout that works really well, a really beautiful book, a must-have for the Petersen fans.

    WARNING : The copies offered here (with a small discount) have a small bump to one or two corners. Of course, the copies will be shipped starting with the less damaged.

    120 pages - Softcover

    Punctum Press, 2014

    New - Condition : see above

    32,00 €


    Petersen, Anders


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