Shipping & Returns

.Shipment of your order.

All shipments (to France, Europe, and other destinations) of your purchases on L'Ascenseur Végétal are made through well known and reliable carriers.

Apart from exceptional cases, parcels are usually shipped the next day, at most within two to three business days of your order. You will always receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of sending your order.

For shipping outside of Fance, 3 shipping options are available "Trackable", "Non-trackable" (only for parcels under 2 kg / 4.4 lbs) and "Low Cost" (a very reliable service we use to call "Slow & Cheap" in the past).

When paying, you will have the opportunity to choose between a shipment with or without tracking.

Depending on your delivery address and the weight of your order, we will offer one or more carriers from:

La Poste :

Lettre Verte : Economical and eco-friendly, this service is suitable for small orders only. More information on the La Poste website:

Lettre & Paquet Prio International : An easy-to-use shipping method for shipments up to 2 kg worldwide. More information on the La Poste website:

Delivengo : Reliable delivery at low cost all over the world. For more info on routing times:

Colissimo : The best known delivery service at La Poste, in partnership with dpd abroad, for all your orders up to 30 kg. (Option with tracking possible). For more info:

Colissimo France :

Colissimo Outre-mer :

Colissimo International :

For tracked shipments, please consult this page on the La Poste website:


Relais Colis :

A fast delivery service to a parcel shop near your home or your workplace. More information on the Relais Colis website:

Please note : The books will be perfectly packed, in the same manner regardless of your shipping option.


.Our packaging.

Packaging is the most important thing to you, and to us.

We take extra EXTRA care in our packaging (cf. "About") so that the books arrive to you in the condition we sent them.

Our packaging will systematically include bubblewrap (film or enveloppe) AND cardboard sheets or a cardboard box.

Our boxes are custom-made for each order and will perfectly fit your order. We re-use and recycle cardboard boxes to prepare our parcels. They may not always look nice, but they will protect the books perfectly !

PS : If you have the possibility, please re-use or recycle the packaging material.


.S & H charges.

The shipping costs applied during your payment take into account the rules mentioned above: the cost of the shipping costs will be automatically calculated according to the total weight of the book(s) you have chosen.

The charges applied are based on carrier rates.


As always, if you want to minize shipping fees, you should group your purchases.

That said, at your request we can hold on to a first order if you know you will place another one very soon. In the same manner, if - for any reason - you happen to place two (or several) orders in a very short period of time, we will be happy to combine shipping; and we will refund you the difference in shipping cost.



Returns will be accepted within 7 days of reception of the parcel at the delivery address. Please contact us prior to shipping any return.

IMPORTANT : Our books are always perfectly protected, please return them in their original parcel if possible, or take the time to prepare a package of the same quality, so that the books can be returned in the exact same condition they were sent to you.


Refund will occur at reception on our end and we reserve the right to apply a fee if the books are damaged or not in their original condition. Damaged books that simply cannot be listed back on our website will not be refunded (and sent back to the client at their expense). Thank you for your understanding. 

Despite the attention and care we put in the preparation of your order, incidents may still happen. If a parcel is presented to you damaged, and you feel the books are obviously damaged as well, do not accept the parcel and have it shipped back to us. We will reimburse the return fees, send another copy, or refund the order if no other copies are available.



If you want to insure your parcel, or would like to request a signature on delivery, on any other option, please contact us either before your purchase, or immediately afterwards. Any additional fee will be charged to you, at cost.


.Hand delivery.

L'Ascenseur Végétal is based in Bordeaux, in the Southwest of France, but hand-delivery would be possible in Paris approximately once a month. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.