The Life of Psy

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Have you ever heard of "Gangnam Style"? Of the South-Korean singer and "k-pop" ambassador Psy?
No? First, that is very surprising, and consequently, this book may not be for you... or may be it still is!

So, one night at a fashion event called "080 Barcelona Fashion 2013", Denis Carré, self-proclaimed "double" of Psy, triggers a general frenzy in the public when people are certain to be in front of the real Psy!
Maciej Pestka is in the crowd and takes snapshots of the fans & groupies battling for a selfie with the star of to steal a kiss... This little book documents The Life of Psy and the incredible craziness around this person, created just by his appearance.

The copies are numbered and sold with a sticker reading "Do Me Gangnam Style" !
Available numbers: #001, #002, #006, #007, #008, #009, #010 (please request your preferred number).

48 pages - Softcover

Self-published, 2014

New - Mint condition

22,00 €

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