Some Windy Trees (*Limited Edition*)

    .Sold out.

    Some Windy Trees is the second opus of Vincent Delbrouck's "Himalayan Project".

    This book is comprised of 10 portraits of trees. Trees that grew and developed against the wind and are leaning, bent and tilted by this physical constraint.
    This very homogeneous series invites us to give these trees - these characters - a closer look, to discover their characteristics & peculiarities, their differences, their personalities.
    Similar to As Dust Alights (dont nous proposons toujours l'édition limitée - voir l'onglet "Suggestions"), the first book of the project, Some Windy Trees is a very calm and peaceful book that includes blank pages and invites to reflection and meditation...

    Please note that we also offer the Standard Edition of this book (see the "Suggestions" tab).

    40 pages - Softcover

    Self-published, 2013

    *Signed & Numbered*

    New - Mint condition


    Delbrouck, Vincent


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