Salaryman Project 2014 (*w/ print*)

Salaryman Project 2014 (*w/ print*)

    .Sold out.

    Salaryman Project
    is an ongoing series by Bruno Quinquet, who publishes each year a business schedule with his images of working men in the streets of Tokyo.

    In this work, we discover the atmosphere and the evolution of the city around the year and the seasons. We follow the inhabitants and workers - always faceless for rights issues - in the streets, the parks. The artist displays his command of the important parameters of "street photography" and will also surprise you by innovative and witty ideas.

    Listed here is Salaryman Project 2014, offered with a small print.

    Please note we are now also offering the new Salaryman Project 2015, with a small print as well ! (see "Suggestions" tab)

    Link to the artist's page here.

    64 pages - Softcover

    Self-published, 2013

    New - Mint condition


    Quinquet, Bruno


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