As Dust Alights (*Limited Edition*)

    We are offering the Limited Edition of this sold out book.
    A signed & numbered copy of the book, together with a print are placed in a pouch made of a really beautiful fabric. We will add images soon, please feel free to contact us.

    As Dust Alights
    is the book of a photographer that takes the time to look at things, that uses his eyes in a very special way. Vincent Delbrouck offers a very calm and peaceful account of what his eyes saw on a trip into the Himalayas; they saw forms, colors, textures, contrasts, they saw the beautiful in the insignificant...

    The body and the sequence of images remains quite mysterious; yet the artist seems to be following a path, either spiritual or romantic, or is it simply a journey, a hiker's adventure on the trails ? In the end, we do not know really what has changed from the beginning, this book will not reveal its secret easily - if there's one - and in a way invites us to come back to it. Often.

    The book includes two inserted prints and three inserted texts by the artist.


    56 pages - Softcover in a fabric-made pouch

    Self-published, 2013 (200 copies)

    *Signed & numbered w/ Print*

    New - Mint condition

    250,00 €


    Delbrouck, Vincent


    Currently out of stock

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