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How to be... A Photographer in Four Lessons

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Impish, funny, useful, pertinent, crazy, those are not adjectives that are usually applied to a photobook!
Of course, this How to be.... A Photographer in Four Lessons is not really a book of photographs (plural), eventhough the series of portraits is great, but it is indeed a book of, and about, Photography (singular, capital-P), that tells the tale of the life of a photographer, in the form of thematic one-page briefs that are all witty and funny :
 - How to be : A Contemporary Photographer
 - How to be : A Modern Photojournalist
 - How to be : A Photographer of the Düsseldorf School
 - etc.

We put a bet on this little notebook as the big success of the end of this year, and beyond...

Please note : This book comes in an English version (the orginal one) and a French version (translated by the artist); please tell us upon ordering which version you wish to receive. Thank you.

48 pages - Softcover closed by a rubber band

André Frère Éditions, 2013

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  • Publisher's presentation : "In early 2012, an old analog photobooth was installed in Brussels, in a cultural center located near the home of Thomas Vanden Driessche, documentary photographer and member of the group « Out Of Focus ». Following in the footsteps of artists like Topor, he decided to use this medium and its constraints to tell stories about...

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