Pine Lake (*signed & numbered*)

Pine Lake (*signed & numbered*)

    .Sold out.

    Pine Lake
    , the last-to-date book by Douglas Stockdale, is a beautiful self-published (and "self-crafted") book, assembled by the artist himself.

    At the origin of this publication, a set of family snapshots, that the artist used to build a story, a semi-fictional narrative about a multi-generational summer rite...

    More information here on the artist's website.

    16 images, metallic prong binding, 3 pieces of memorabilia, together in a plastic pouch, and all the elements presented in a cardboard & wood casing

    Self-published, 2013 (25 ex.)

    *Signed & Numbered*

    New - Mint condition

    N/A - AV0025

    Stockdale, Douglas


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