éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation - Vol.10 (*signed & numbered*)

    Full title : "éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - volume 10"

    The artist photographed the small city where he lives, Noyers-sur-Cher, and publishes in a series of 10 booklets this documentary work about a place that could be considered a fair example of the average French community. According to the artist « This French village has all the attributes of the typical village. »

    With a text (French / English) by the photographer Christophe Le Toquin, Photography teacher at the Nature & Landscape Architecture School (INSA Centre Val de Loire) in Blois, France.

    In this tenth and last volume, the photographer looks at his own "cell" in this village, the one that he owns, trying in this approach to « show ways in which we claim the area that is ours... ».

    24 pages - Softcover

    Self-published, 2017 (50 copies)

    Format : 18 x 24 cm

    *Signed & Numbered*

    New - Mint condition

    15,00 €

    N/A - AV0222

    Le Toquin, Christophe


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