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Excellent copy of one of the best books (and most sought after) by Antoine d'Agata, his second, published the same year as his first one "De Mala Muerte". Second volume in the "Impression de Voyage" collection, published by "En Vues" in 1998.

With texts (in French only) by Bruno Le Dantec and Jose Agustín.

Copy in very good / excellent condition : this copy has never been opened, but displays however several small defects on the cover surface, and only one on the front cover. Tthese rather discrete imprints were left by small objects that were pressed against the book and left a mark in the thickness of the cover. These traces on the back cover remain rather discrete but are a bit "deeper" for 2 of them (but there is no scratching).

The top of the back (binding back) is slightly bumped, as visible on one of the pictures.

NB : The images showing this copy can be sent to you with a better definition upon request (except the first picture which is a stock image from a famous online bookstore :-)

104 pages - Hardcover, no DJ

En Vues, 1998

Format : 20.5 x 25.5 cm

*Signed* (mention "Arles, 2016")

2nd hand - Excellent copy (VG+)

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d'Agata, Antoine

Antoine d'Agata is best known for his work about city-roaming and the sensation of being lost or not belonging; it is almost always associated with a quest for sensations of the extreme in the night-life and low-life neighborhoods of large cities around the world, and coupled with drug use and prostitution... Photo: © Paul Rousteau
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