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"« Capturing a few small moments, Not All is a series of photographs that constructs a singular picture of Southeastern United States and evokes the passage from Winter to Spring, and the upcoming birth of a son.

Pascal Amoyel develops his own subjective approach to photographing this territory, which exists both as a concrete stretch of land and as a fictional space onto which we project our imagination. These evocative lyric associations with the country counterbalance the documentary underpinning of the series. Not All is a poetic journey where people and places emerge as a muted representations of daily life, which thread through the book, reminding us that the everyday is unfathomable. »

           --  Anne Immelé

« A walk with life and death at the end of winter and at the birth of spring
when purple blooms everywhere along
with Lenten churches and wisteria trees
some of the places and faces that make up the Southeast
that’s not all. »

           --  Pascal Amoyel  "

60 pages - Softcover

Poursuite Editions, 2016

Format : 17 x 23.5 cm

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