Almost Bari (*signed*)

    Présentation sur le site de l'artiste :

    "The project consists of a systematic /methodical exploration of the city of Bari, in Southern Italy, my hometown, where I have been living for many years.

    The aim was to take a totally new look at a place (in this particular case, Bari) the city dweller has become so familiar with that  he/she tends no longer to “see” aspects which are frequently important. A city is an entity which is the result of layers of history, symbols, experiences which overlap each other, thus modifying both its physical and relational aspects.

    Ever since its beginnings, photography has always tackled the issue of how to best represent the urban territory and, after photography, so has the cinema. This study has always been fruitful in some way or another for both arts: city and photography, city and cinema, giving a constant feedback that has enabled architects, town planners and sociologists to improve and sharpen their ability to “read” the territory and thus better understand it and prepare more suitable projects and designs.

    Mara Dani’s contribution is the fruit of a necessarily partial point of view, as the title itself clearly states, following in the path of other important authors (the most important of all being the Italian photographer Gabriele Basilico). It aims at offering further food for thought on one of the places most representative of the modern era: the city."

    Texts by Gian Luigi Sylos Labini and Alessandro Cirillo in Italian and English.

    A presentation  review of this book is available on the blog who needs another photo blog.

    80 pages - Hardcover, closed with an elastic band

    Auto-publié, 2015 (300 copies)

    Format 15.5 x 21 cm


    New - Mint condition

    18,00 €


    Dani, Mara


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