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"In 1930, duck farmer Martin Maurer from Flanders, Long Island, decided to construct a giant duck-shaped shop to sell the Peking ducks he raised to motorists passing by.

In 1972, in the book Learning from Las Vegas, Robert Venturi, Denise Scott-Brown, and Steven Izenour, studying the architecture of that city, outlined 2 main concepts of popular, functional and commercial architecture : the decorated shed and the «Duck» : a building in which the form highlights its primary function in a literal and most often ostentatious and playful manner. A building that is also a sculpture and a sign : the term honors the Big Duck on Flanders.

In 2014, Olivier Cablat tries to re-activate the concept of the DUCK by building a massive digital archive, without any geographical and historical limit. This archive is made in part by his personal archive of images, by digitalised books and by pictures found in databases and the Internet. These picture will constitue the raw material of his multifaceted project DUCK, A Theory of Evolution, which offers a fictional and genealogical study of the mutations of the DUCK, at various distances from the original concept."

This work was on exhibition during the 2105 "Rencontres d'Arles" festival.

256 pages - Softcover

RVB Books, 2014


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