Remolino de Tierra (*signed*)

@ Rabchinskey, Ilán

N/A - AV0092


Remolino de Tierra (whirlwind of earth) is a successful and beautiful research in shapes, matters and textures, contrasts in B & W images that clearly convey a feeling of poetry.

Photographs of the waves and ripples at the surface of the sea, of birds in the sky, of a scorched surface of land, of a methodically mowed pitch/field; a series in variations that takes us from abstract forms to repetitive patterns, and where sometimes appears a creature that brings us back to reality...

This book by Ilán Rabchinskey is produced in two numbered versions (1 to 65 each), or totally different papers, that also offer a quite different perception of this body of work
The dark green cover version comes with a white "papel de kilo" paper, with a rather regular weight (120 g) when the purple cover version is printed on a heavier "Bond Inspira" paper (210 g) that has a textured feel and an ivory hue. Each version comes with a different image on the cover

Risograph printing. All copies signed & numbered.

48 pages - Harcover, no DJ

Ediciones Acapulco, 2014

*Signed & Numbered*

New - Mint condition

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  • Publisher's presentation: "Archipelago / Archipiélago is the first installment in Cristóbal Hara’s collection The trivial essays. The language of photography, especially that which aims to be documentary photography, is subject to a multitude of rules and conventions. Cristóbal Hara’s work is devoted to the search for ways to escape those conventions....

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