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Southbound is a book that is book documentary and funny, even sarcastic, and introduces us to a Norwegian tradition during the very long "polar winters" : the migration of the populations from the great north to the south, to a place referred to as "Syden"... A migration of a few days, a few weeks, or the whole summer, to the south of the country, or to the Canaria islands!

With a quite sharp eye, Knut Egil Wang offers us a series that gently mocks the habits and behaviors, like these "pilgrims" to the Gran Canaria island with their Santa Claus hats on the head in the sun, or these tenagers in weird outfits. That said, the choice to keep the square format and the muted tones throughout the series, and the " face-to-face" and very straightforward portraits, show a certain formalism and probably the will to really document these seasonal migrations and lifestyles that are widely unknown from the general public outside of Norway...

96 pages approx. - Hardcover, no DJ

Journal, 2014

Format : 21 x 25 cm

New - Mint condition

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