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Moving Through the Space of the Picture and the Page

@ Vanthuyne, Stefan



Presentation by APE / Art Paper Editions:

Moving through the Space of the Picture and the Page brings together essays on six contemporary Belgian photobook makers and the way they deal with space, time, movement and surface within the book and within the photographic image.

The artists discussed are Tine Guns, Dirk Braeckman, Els Martens, Max Pinckers, Vincent Delbrouck and Aglaia Konrad.

In recent years, the book has firmly established itself as an artistic medium for photography. Open a photobook today and with any luck you will enter a world full of visual twists and turns. A previously enclosed block suddenly becomes an open volume, and through that volume you can move and navigate. How you do so, through which spaces and at what pace, is largely determined by the book’s architecture. "

PLEASE NOTE: The texts in this book are in English only.

128 pages - Softcover

APE / Art Paper Editions, 2022

Format : 17 x 24 cm

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