Come Closer (*signed*)

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Presentation by Dienacht Publishing:

" « Come Closer is about my love for a woman, her name is Paola.

We fell in love four years ago. Ever since, I have felt the urge to photograph her every day. As part of this series you will find mostly colour and black-and-white 35mm pictures accompanied by polaroids, notes and contact sheets, but it also features videos.

The work feels like an intimate conversation between her and me. I am an observer trying to grasp every playful moment, every moment of connection. Seeing someone so versatile and constantly changing, I tend to overload her with my presence.

And then there is her, my subject, someone who feels more like a muse to me. Loving me like no one ever did. In Come Closer you get to see the love between two women from up close. »

          --  Dinaya Waeyaert    "

Gatefold cover, several inserts. Copies signed by the photographer.

PLEASE NOTE: Our last copies unfortunately have a slightly bumped corner to the cover, which however does not impact the pages...

164 pages - Softcover

Dienacht Publishing, 2021 (500 copies)

Format : 17 x 24 cm

New - Condition: see note above

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Waeyaert, Dinaya

Dinaya Waeyaert is a Belgian artist and photographer based in Brussels. In 2018, she self-publishes her first photobook "Personal Collection", and in 2021, German publisher Dienacht Publishing released "Come Closer", a series dedicated to her love interest and partner of four years. From the Dienacht Publishing website : " Ever since I started photographing I focused on people who were closest to me. The ones that I've known for a long time or the ones that I feel drawn to. When we grow older our relationships with the people around us evolve. Somehow I feel the need to hold on to this by making images. Already now when I look back at all the pictures I’ve taken, it feels like a family album where everyone, even myself, changes every day. I take a lot of pictures. Every series I've made is built around a great deal of images. This is a certain obsessive way of working I have always loved. "
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