One Star and a Dark Voyage

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Presentation by TIS Books:

" In her first monograph with TIS books, the much-heralded photographer Barbara Bosworth has interwoven the visceral and ethereal to visually build a sense of the delicate and fragile nature of life, at a place where the edges of heaven and earth blur.

These pictures, made with Bosworth’s customary 8x10 camera, speak to our connections with nature: bear paws hauntingly human, roses cut to bring beauty indoors, names carved into a tree trunk declaring one’s love forever.

In One Star and a Dark Voyage, we are brought into intimate communion with such things as a wound on a sun-freckled shin, a worm as stigmata in a child’s hand, a bird lying in a cupped hand, a body hovering in the darkness, the spot where an elk slept – all evoking the ephemeral nature of life.

« This work began as a way for me to think about life and death and about our ties with nature and our utter dependence on earth, and later, after the death of a loved one, blurred into images about the exquisite fragility of life, about loss and longing. I began looking for light in the darkness. Fireflies as I try to hold onto the light. The simple beauty of light falling on leaves. A rainbow, the sunset, the Milky Way. »

          --  Barbara Bosworth

The result: a book as journey, where weight becomes light. The beautiful and the terrible, all interconnected, all the same. Always seeking home. "

110 pages - Hardcover

TIS Books, 2021

Format : 22.9 x 28 cm

New - Mint condition

Bosworth, Barbara

Barbara Bosworth is an American photographer working mostly with large-format cameras. Her work explores both overt and subtle relationships between humans and the rest of the natural world. She has published three photobooks with Radius Books: "Natural Histories" (2013), "The Meadow" (2015), "The Heavens" (2018), and more recently "One Star and a Dark Voyage" with TIS Books (2021). © Portrait taken from the artist's website
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