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La Jetée (*DVD / Blu-ray / Book*)

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Presentation by Potemkine:         |translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]

" In the aftermath of the Third Wolrd War, which made the planet redioactive, a handful of survivors is trying to make it, hidden in the undergrounds of a destroyed Paris. « X », a man tormented by a vague memory of witnessing the death of a man on the Orly airport observation platform (« la jetée », or « the jetty »), and obsessed by the face of a woman, is designated to time travel.

New restored master. Duration of the movie: 28'.

Collector Box Set including:
- the film on Blu-ray (text inserts in French only, voice over available in English or French)
- the film on DVD (text inserts in French only, voice over available in English or French)
- the cine-novel photobook version (250-page book, text / captions IN FRENCH ONLY)

Included in addition to the movie La Jetée:
 - Regards sur La Jetée par Jean-Michel Frodon (44' - FRENCH ONLY - no subtitles).
 - Quand La Jetée croise Vertigo (10' - FRENCH ONLY - no subtitles).
 - Jean Négroni raconte le tournage de La Jetée (4' - FRENCH ONLY - no subtitles).
 - Petite visite du bar La Jetée à Tokyo (2' - no spoken or written text). "

The discs (DVD & Blu-Ray) are each inserted in a "sleeve", one inside the front cover, one inside the back cover.

250 pages - Hardcover, in illustrated hard slipcase

Potemkine, 2020

Format (book) : 24.6 x 19.5 cm

New - Mint condition

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Marker, Chris

Chris Marker was a French artist, director, photographer, writer, translator. He is mainly known in the image realm for his movies "La jetée" and "Sans soleil". In the photobook world, he is mainly known for "Coréennes", initially published in 1959 by Editions du Seuil and re-published in 2018 as a facsimilé (with additional texts) by L'Arachnéen, and "Le dépays" (Herscher, 1982). ''Portrait de Chris Marker et de Guillaume-en-Egypte, son avatar-chat'' (© Les Films du jeudi) taken from an article on Libération Next .
  • .Back in stock. This book is a facsimilé edition (identical format) of the original published in 1959 by Editions du Seuil. However, there is an additional afterword by Chris Marker written for the publication of the Immemory CD-Rom in 1997, and a "Note à la présente édition" ("Note to the new edition") by Sandra Alvarez Toledo. All texts are in French...

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