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Potemkine is a French video publisher (DVD & Blu-Ray), a store in Paris, and a movie distributor for theatres.

Presentation on the publisher's website : « We are offering a large choice of famous movies spreading the whole history of cinema, but also rarities left out of the official history. We are doing our best to break genre barriers, associating dance movies and animation movies, experimental works and docu-fictions, and considering new forms against the older and more traditional ones. »  [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]

Usually as part of Limited Editions or box sets, Potemkine sometimes publishes books, as it is the case with reprints of Chris Marker's work in 2020 : "La Jetée" which includes the film-novel images in a book form, and the "Sans Soleil" box set that includes a small-size reprint of the long sold out book "Le dépays".

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  • Presentation by Potemkine:         |translation L'Ascenseur Végétal] " In the aftermath of the Third Wolrd War, which made the planet redioactive, a handful of survivors is trying to make it, hidden in the undergrounds of a destroyed Paris. « X », a man tormented by a vague memory of witnessing the death of a man on the Orly airport observation platform...

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