Damaged Inc.

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Presentation by RVB Books:

" The book Damaged Inc. is the result of a long-term project that mixes screen shots, photographs and sculptures reproduction. During several years, from race tracks to parking lots or bare farm fields - French artist David de Beyter followed the « Big Bangers » in the north of Europe.

They describe themselves as a community practicing car crashing as a lifestyle. They do it for the sake of it and their motto lies in the fact of destroying popular cars using violent shocks, into radical compressions. The car wrecks resulting from this esthetic of destruction are called « auto-sculptures ».

Damaged Inc., printed in black & white, with double-pages of collages recreating the cars fragment by fragment, and the slogans that illustrate the philosophy of the members and enthusiasts of this practice, is directly inspired by the esthetics of the original zines produced by the « Big Bangers ». "

64 pages - Softcover

RVB Books, 2018

Format : 23 x 32 cm

New - Mint condition

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de Beyter, David

David de Beyter is a French photographer. Presentation adapted from the Rencontres d'Arles website: His approach to photography is both conceptual and documentary. He explores the boundaries between reality and fiction and his work melts together different registers — the present, past, and future. There is an anthropological side to what De Beyter does. Although present in his work since the beginning, it flourished with the "Big Bangers" project where he opens up his artistic work to moving images and sculpture, thus refining his thought and artistic propositions in relation to the notion of obsolescence. This project was published in the photobook "Damaged Inc." (RVB Books, 2018). His series "The Skeptics, Relics of Technological Goddess", a work combining as well film and photography, and objects, is about scientific ufology, a discipline based on ufology practiced by a marginal community of around a hundred passionate amateurs in Spain. This work was on display at the Rencontres d'Arles festival in 2019. © Portrait by Alexis Gicart taken from the Rencontres d'Arles website
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