Kammer (*signed with prints*)

@ Kruse, Calin

N/A - AV025-4


Presentation by Dienacht: 

" A chamber of curiosities. Kammer is a one third human, one third abstract and another third brutish story. Kammer raises no questions, it offers answers, it’s just that the answers are parallel to one’s mind.

Warning: the wire is sharp and might hurt the black paper. It might also hurt your delicate skin and others'.

« Some tiny creature, mad with wrath, is coming nearer on the path. »

           -- Edward Gorey, The Evil Gaden   "

Gold Metallic Riso printed on black paper. Two small prints included, hidden in the covers. Hand-bound with copper wire and handwritten covers.

You can see a « making of » video of this zine on the publisher's website. This book is SOLD OUT by the publisher.

48 pages - Softcover

Dienacht Publishing, 2019 (100 copies)

Format : 18 x 24 cm

*Signed & Numbered*

New - Mint condition (possible imperfections related to the handmade production)

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Kruse, Calin

Calin Kruse is a young German editor and photographer who generates an amazing variety and quantity of publications and activities. The works presented by dienacht, his magazine & publishing house, are usually of a powerful content, which lead to reflection on photography and social, political, gender issues, about the body and sexuality. Photo : © Franzi
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