Errors of Possession (*signed*)

@ Grove, Garrett



Presentation by Trespasser Books:

" Garrett Grove's Errors of Possession is a photobook about the land and people of the United States' rural Northwest. It offers an ambiguous look into the lives of blue collar Americans and the ways in which agriculture, industry, and humans' pursuit of a fabled American Dream have profoundly altered the country.

All of the photos in this book were shot in and around small coastal, farming, and logging towns in Oregon and Washington, leading up to and shortly following the presidential election of 2016. "

Copies signed by the photographer.

Design & Editing : Cody Haltom, Bryan Schutmaat, Matthew Genitempo, Garrett Grove.

104 pages - Softcover w/ thick stock DJ

Trespasser Books, 2019 (750 copies)

Format : 21 x 26 cm


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Grove, Garrett

Garrett Grove is an American photographer. He works mainly for the magazine and online press (National Geographic, The New Yorker, etc.) His personal work is centered on people in rather remote areas, with an important presence of the outdoors; it includes portraits and landscapes, in both color and black & white. In 2019, he publishes his first photobook "Errors of Possession" with Trespasser Books. © Portrait taken from the Patagonia website, uncredited