Drunk in Love

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Presentation by Journal:

" « For the past 15 years I’ve photographed my life, my friends and the surroundings I move in. It’s about the longing for closeness, fellowship and love. A search for identity and sexuality and living out at night. A collection of images for not to forget and to keep us together. »

So photographer Märta Thisner summarises her debut book, Drunk in Love. The pictures are not arranged and Märta has only photographed people she has a relationship with and knows. « For me, taking photographs is a very intimate act because I'm pretty shy. » "

168 pages - Softcover

Journal, 2019

Format : 21 x 28 cm

New - Mint condition

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Thisner, Märta

Märta Thisner is a Swedish photographer based in Stockholm. She has an important portfolio of corporate work (fashion & others) and also a more personal work. In 2019 she published "Drunk in Love" with Journal, a daily life account, over a period of 15 years, of her friendships and surroundings. © Image taken from the artist's Instagram account
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