The Splitting of the Chrysalis... (*signed*)




Presentation by VOID:

"The Splitting of the Chrysalis and the Slow Unfolding of the Wings arose from the unforeseen return of the photographer to his homeland.

Isolated in the countryside of an island, he was confronted with his traumatic past, his memories and himself.

Gradually, through wandering in nature, a conceivable field of action was created within him, an intermediate space full of transformative dynamics, a place of becoming.

This book is a visual notebook, constructed through this experience, that attempts to capture the cycle of an internal process of metamorphosis."

The book includes an inserted booklet.

This book is long sold out by the publisher.

128 + 24 pages - Hardcover

VOID, 2018 (500 copies)

Format : 17 x 23 cm


New - Mint condition

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