Slow Boat

@ Onaka, Koji

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Presentation by Imageless:

"This photobook is the fifth monograph of Japanese photographer Koji Onaka, its first edition was published in 2003, and the current  version  is  the  third  edition.  Koji  Onaka  compares  a  boat's  sailing  to  his  way  of  life  and  photography,  and  this  book of 84 black and white photographs recording his life and encounters in such a period. From then on, he began using color photography."

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Text by the artist in Japanese, Chinese and English.

88 pages - Linen hardcover

Imageless, 2017 (800 copies)

Format : 26 x 22.5 cm

New - Mint condition

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Onaka, Koji

Koji Onaka was born in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan in 1960. In 1982, When he was 22 years old, after graduating from Tokyo Photography College, he participated in an independent gallery called "CAMP" that was founded by Daido Moriyama, he had his first exhibition at "CAMP" in 1983. Whether in Japan or abroad, Onaka has always "wanted to find his lost childhood memories" in the places he visited and photographed.
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    Twin Boat, in Koji Onaka's words at the end of the book is the fraternal twin and little sister of his acclaimed Slow Boat, published about 10 years ago, from images taken at the same period of time.Also in his words, the narration created by the editor Miwa Susuda, is one of "adolescent first love"...The beautiful images in the book, from empty indoors...

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