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Presentation by VOID :      [minor adaptations by L'Ascenseur Végétal]

" MEAT consists of 28 signatures printed in 6 different printing techniques: Offset, Silkscreen, Letterpress, Photocopy, Digital printing, Risograph, using 8 different paper stocks.

Each copy of MEAT has been painfully hand-bound by the VOID team. Hand-binding 250 copies of a book this complex is a long process, and each copy will be unique, dated and signed by the person who produced it. "

The book includes a text by Brad Feuerhelm, editor and main contributor of the website ASX (American Suburb X).

PLEASE NOTE: As indicated, each copy is hand-bound and consequently may present imperfections inherent to the production process.

336 pages - Softcover

VOID, 2018 (230 copies)

Format : 23.5 x 34 cm

New - Mint condition (see note above)

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Pin-Fat, Olivier

Olivier Pin-Fat is a British photographer who shares his time between England and Thailand. He once was part of the French agency Agence VU', and later of the collective "AM Projects". He has published many books, among them "Muay Thai" (Le Caillou Bleu, 2006), "Dead Light" (Editions Bessard, 2014), "Pabaiga" (Editions du LIC, 2016) and "MEAT" (VOID, 2018). © Only image on the photographer's website
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