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Presentation by Twin Palms:

"Inspired by the life and work of the poet and land surveyor, Frank Stanford, these photographs of hermetic homes and men living in solitude were taken in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and Missouri.

By capturing the foggy landscapes, cluttered interiors, and rugged men that are tucked away in the dark woods, Jasper explores a fascination with running away from the everyday. The work bounces between fact and fiction, exhibiting the reality and myth of what it means to be truly apart from society.

  « pines grow pulling the old dreams through the soil pinesap climbing into its limbs lifting a ladder like solitude » "

This book was shortlisted for the « First Book Award » by Paris Photo / Aperture Foundation in 2018.

96 pages - Hardcover w/ DJ

Twin Palms, 2018

Format : 26.7 x 33 cm

New - Mint condition

Genitempo, Matthew

Matthew Genitempo is an American photographer , also publisher via Trespasser Books. His project "Jasper" about people living isolated from society in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and Missouri was published by Twin Palms in 2018, and the book was shortlisted for the « First Book Award » by Paris Photo / Aperture Foundation. © Portrait taken from the  LensCulture website
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