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Excerpt from an interview with Twenty Magazine :   [link in French]

"TM : What was the photoscene like [in the 90's] ?

Olivier Degorce :

It is important to remind people of the virtual lack of visual communication in this circle [the French electronic music scene] : we would mainly use flyers to communicate, word of mouth, Radio FG [originally Fréquence Gay then Radio FG, the first radio dedicated to electronic music, available in Paris only in the 90's]… So there was no real need to document this phenomenon with photography.

Personally, I started making photographs with no aim, only for my « personal archive », with no specific project in mind. In the photo scene, it was mainly non-photographers who were carrying a camera. Me for instance, I am orignally a plastic artist, and I lived through this from within as I was in love with music. I had the feeling I was « photographying music » : an image would remind of a sound, of the color of a mix.

On the other hand, there were some professional photographers, they would stay 5 or 10' to make a picture of the crowd and then leave immediately. As for me, I was interested in the moment, being as close as possible to the public and to the DJs, and not in making group images, especially as it was technically complicated given the lack of light."

The book is chaptered by year, from 1991 to 1999. 440 photos, 220 DJs, 12 texts fully translated in French and English, thumbnails of all the images at the end of the book, with captions.

Images form this body of work are part of the exhibition Have a Good Trip! at Galerie Intervalle, Paris, until July 21st, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: Last copy; in shrinkwrap, but free corners slightly rubbed/bumped

540 pages - Softcover w/ French flaps

Headbangers Publishing, 2018

Format : 17.2 x 24 cm

New - Mint condition

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Degorce, Olivier

Olivier Degorce is a multifaceted artist:  - plastic artist, photographer, his photography and his musical pieces have been presented in many galleries and art centers in France and beyond. He published 2 photobooks in 2018 : Plastic Dream s (Headbangers Publishing) and Fridge Food Soul (Edition Patrick Frey)  - musician, composer, his sound pieces have been signed under several pseudonyms and with many music labels in France, in Europe, in the USA and in Japan  - on another topic ha has alos published around 30 cooking books (with Amandine Geers) !!!