Halogénure No. 03 - Fall 2017

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Third Issue of Halogénure, periodical about analog photography – Portfolios, interviews, essays. French only.

Three booklets: Experiments, Belgium, Cyanotype

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The texts (articles & interviews) in this magazine about photography are in French only.

Content of the third issue of Halogénure:

.Cahier 03a - 62 pages - Experiments.

 - Editorial "La Lumière La Matière La Manière" by Jean Fournier
 - Series Primitive Acids and interview with Thomas "Toums" Gosset
 - "En direct de la chambre noire", interview with Grégoire Oustry
 - Series De Re Aedificatoria and interview with Alfons Alt
 - Series Manipulated Memories by Rafael Tanaka Monzo

.Cahier 03b - 50 pages - Cahier belge.

 - Editorial "Tout n'est pas rose au pays des flamands" by Jean Fournier
 - Series Fuck You by Jean-Marc Chapa
 - Series Sauvage / Limen by Katlijn Blanchaert
 - Text "L'épineuse question de l'image et du texte dans le livre photographique" by Annakarin Quinto

.Cahier 03c - 50 pages - Cyanotypes.

 - Editorial "Anna Atkins - Le bleu des origines" by Pierre Audebert
 - Series Suscrofa Domesticus by Emmanuel Ferrand
 - Text "Etat de corps" by Sabrina Biancuzzi
 - Series Bleu and text by Davy Jourget
 - Series Out of the blue by Irène de Groot and text by Brigitte David
 - Series Tamil Nadu and interview with Rémi Guerrin

The magazine is made of 3 separate softcover (stapled) books / booklets, held together by a bellyband of heavy-stock paper.

162 pages - Softcovers

Halogénure, 2017

Format : 22 x 25.5 cm

New - Mint condition except for possible production imperfections (slightly split corners on the binding side)


Books presenting the work of a group of photographers, either working on a common project, or assembled by the publisher for the purpose of the book.
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