Orthèses (*signed*)

@ Bonnel, Guillaume



80 pages - Hardcover

Art and Research Publishing, 2017

Format : 15.5 x 24 cm


New - Mint condition

Presentation of Guillaume Bonnel's photobook by the publisher ARP2 :

"Far from being merely retrospective or confined to the pilgrimage, the author's approach invites us to reflect on the action of man on nature by giving us to see a real landscape of the Anthropocene. The purpose of the term is to consider the human species as a full-fledged geological force whose action since the rise of the thermo-industrial civilization has brought the Earth into a new era.

This is to go beyond the debate on the merits of this interference to take note and learn to look at today's ordinary landscapes of our mountains "

Texts by Raphaële Bertho and Guillaume Bonnel in French only.

This books received the support of "Centre d'Art Image / Imatge" in Orthez, France.

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Bonnel, Guillaume

Guillaume Bonnel is a French photographer whose work is geographically centered in the French Pyrénées mountains. Image: © Guillaume Bonnel
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