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Présentation de l'éditeur :    [ Book in French only ]

"For three years, Carlos Spottorno and Guillermo Abril have traveled the borders of Europe, and from the 25,000 photographs and 15 notebooks they reported, they composed a" comic strip "of photos.

From Africa to the Arctic, the journalists tell a story: a meeting with the Africans of Gourougou, the rescue of a boat off the coast of Libya, the exodus of refugees across the Balkans, the maneuvering tanks of the NATO in front of Belarus ... "

Text in French only. Please note we do not carry the original Spanish version titled La Grieta.

172 pages - Hardcover

Gallimard, 2017

Format : 23 x 31 cm

New - Mint condition


Spottorno, Carlos

Carlos Spottorno is a spanish documentary photographer with an artistic background who has focused his main personal projects on subjects related to power shifts, economy, and social issues that shape the real world. Photo: © Carlos Spottorno
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