Ghost (*signed*)

@ Bayol-Thémines, Lionel

N/A - AV0230


Publisher's presentation of Lionel Bayol Thémines photobook:

"The Ghost project started with a walk along the ocean coast begun at the tip of the Bay of Arcachon (Cap Féret, France) during the summer 2015. Along this walk, going away from crowded and cleaned daily beaches, wastes rejected by the sea seem more and more numerous in the form of strips, traces of their beaching during high tides, from the most recent to the oldest. "

Book in Leporello or Concertina format (total length 7.20 m). The "cover" holds the accordion-fold booklet.

Text in French & English.

40 pages - Softcover

Editions Enigmatiques, 2017 (300 copies)

Format : 18 x 24 cm


New - Mint condition

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