La Banlieue de Paris (1ère edition)

@ Doisneau, Robert

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.Copy sold.

We are offering a rare copy of one of the most sought-after and most important photobooks : "La banlieue de Paris", with texts by Blaise Cendrars and photographs by Robert Doisneau, in the scarce first edition with dustjacket (Seghers, 1949).

This book is listed in "The Photobook: A History volume I" by Martin Parr & Gerry Badger.

Four texts in French : "Sud", "Ouest", "Est", "Nord" by Blaise Cendrars (50 pages in all) and 130 images by Robert Doisneau printed in "héliogravure".

Condition of the copy :

The book is globally in a very good condition, the dustjacket being particularly well preserved !

 - Corners and edges are sharp, binding is perfectly strong, no writings, folds or tears
 - One bump to the lower edge on the back cover (see image) 
 - WARNING : the book has one defect, with impact on all the text pages and the first 20 images by Doisneau. The book has experienced water damage on the upper half of the free edge of the pages, creating ripples on the pages. There is no real colored ring (when looking VERY closely, one can detect a VERY slight coloration), the main negative result of this damage being the ripples in the paper. The impacted area measures at the most 3 cm wide by 8 cm long along the edge of the pages, the area being smaller at the beginning of the book, and fading out in the part with the images (70 pages total really impacted). Despite these small ripples, the feel and quality of the images remain virtually unaffected...
See numerous images, additional ones provided on request.

Dustjacket :

 - The DJ is in a very scarce good condition.
 - Edges are very slightly scuffed, there are only one 6-mm tear at the bottom of the binding area, and another 2-mm tear in the upper part of the back cover (see images).
 - The back cover has in the upper part a blue trace (probably from a color pencil, possibly removeable) and a small red smudge, with a few imprint marks around it from an object pressed on the book. See images.

200 pages - Hardcover with dustjacket

Seghers, 1949 (1st edition)

2nd-hand - VG / VG+


Doisneau, Robert

Robert Doisneau (1912 - 1994), is a French master of photography, whose popularity lives on since the late 40's. His clichés of couples in the streets of Paris are famous worldwide. Photo: © self-portrait